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If you feel that you’ve seen it all when it comes to fashion jewelry, and that it’s all the same, when it comes to accessories, you must meet INBAL. Designer of jewelry, which help her customers feel a bit more beautiful, and makes them feel good about themselves, when wearing her jewelry.

October 2017, IT Magazine
My name is Inbal Shomroni Ben Tata (36), married and mother of a two-year-old boy, designer and owner of a jewelry brand, lives in Hod Hasharon. “About a year and a half ago, I re-launched my brand with branding, website and new jewelry collections, and I believe that it does not take much to feel beautiful and make our life more beautiful.

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August 2017, Studio C Magazine
Stud earrings are among the most elegant. In most cases we will not feel them,

But the person standing before us will notice them immediately. They add grace, sparkle, or color without taking over

The appearance can be worn on a regular basis as it will suit whatever you choose to wear.

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August 2017, Saloona
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Good stone. Just when we thought the design trend in marble was already exhausted,

we fell in love with the delicate earrings of Inbal Shomroni with round stones that seal our look.

August 2017, AT Magazine
Display window: Inbal Shomroni Bentata

When Inbal finished her studies in design, she dreamed of designing jewelry in a large company, but very quickly

understood that she would be able to express herself best by establishing her own brand

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May 2017, Saloona - Display Window
Stone shopping for a woman. After a particularly fickle start you can not deny it – spring is already here!

April 2016, Laisha Magazine
Pop Up Pesach

Three designers are staying at a home in central Kfar Saba selling pop-ups of clothes, handbags and jewelry.

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April 2016, Xnet
This week, it’s a look inspired by the one and only Kylie Jenner. Jewelry by Inbal Designs

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February 2016, They Call Me Mellie
I have stocked some lovely new items of jewelry and a stunning tote,

as well as a few gorgeous, contemporary pieces of jewelry from Inbal Designs

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January 2015, Avenue Lifestyle
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Check out some of my favorite finds for an affordably-priced $30 or less.

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December 2014, Baby Meets City
At $29, this bracelet is a very sweet steal.

The small details of a silver hexagon and pearl accent a 7-inch silver chain.

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December 2014, Cool Mom Picks
All of her pieces are one of kind and has the same understated elegance and

quality that totally reminds me of Tiffanys. I’ve never said that before.

September 2014, Renae Christine,