We believe that the small details make our life a little more beautiful.

INBAL is a modern and minimalistic jewelry brand by Inbal Shomroni Bentata.

The design’s inspiration is drawn from shapes and textures found in nature and our surrounding. We always produce individual items as part of a whole collection. Each piece of jewelry is part of a larger “family” of items that “speaks the same language”, so it’s always possible to find matching pieces, but are not identical, and wear them together.

The jewelry is made using a classical goldsmithing techniques. Every design is original and unique. All jewelry pieces are made of sterling silver, brass or 24k gold-plating. Some of the designs include also wood, leather, silicon and other materials, which we come across in our daily life. Many of the designs include pearls and semi-precious stones, which add life and color to the jewelry, lending it a special charm.

The jewelry collections are sold online on various websites. We find the internet to be a great medium for jewelry shopping as it allows customers a better communication with us. Customers can browse, search, ask, share, compare and experience jewelry shopping in a new level. We can provide a fast and individual customer service while getting a direct and real-time customer feedback.

INBAL wishes to bring great design to anyone with an internet connection, to create amazing and affordable products with production quality and an artisan attention to detail, to express a combination of beauty and design, and to carry a message of empowering women’s beauty.

We are producing and shipping all jewelry and products with love from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Shipping is free, to anywhere in the world, anytime.

The Designer

I’m a designer, a mama, a wife, an inspiration seeker and I adore the little things in life.
My life taught me that beauty comes in different forms. I made it my mantra:

“Being Beautiful is Simple” (Because beauty is already in you)
I believe beauty is a state of mind, little by little we can set our mind to see the beauty in life and the beauty in us.

Inbal Shomroni Bentata