Are necklines the bane of your existence? Are you tired of spending countless hours trying to coordinate your business attire and casual dress code? Do you know which necklace is best for your collared button-down, and which works best with your favorite cardigan? Are you sure that casual Friday warrants bangles instead of a cuff bracelet?

Every fashion-conscious woman knows that her jewelry needs to work with her outfit, but did you know that there are actually guidelines to help you create your perfect look? Save these tricks of the fashion trade so you can always put your best fashion forward in the office and out.

  • Match the necklace you’re wearing to the cleavage you’re sharing. For a closed cleavage look, try a long chain. If you are going for an open neckline with more on display, a shorter-chained, embellished necklace will lie across your chest and bring the eye right where you want it.
  • V neck – Choose a necklace with a pendant, so that it falls in a “V” shape to mimic your neckline. This not only compliments the shape of the sweater, but it helps make the neck itself appear longer and leaner. Pairing your favorite V neck with a pair of skinny jeans and slouchy boots is a great Casual Friday look that can take you straight to happy hour.

  • Low-cut neckline – The material should sit just above the top of your cleavage. Compliment this cut with a princess-length necklace (between 17-19 inches long). Finish with studs or a short dangle earring for a polished, regal look. Perfect this look for your next business dinner and let everyone know who is in charge.
  • Plunging neckline – This style will be lovely with a princess-length necklace (17-19 inches), which works especially well for evening gowns with this feature. Reserve this look for special galas and fundraiser events, as you are sure to be the belle of the ball.
  • Turtleneck – Confident women wear turtlenecks. This modest neckline paired with a flirty opera-length necklace (28-30 inches) balances your look while keeping it classy. If you need a little more sparkle, a chunky metallic bracelet pairs well with this look.
  • Strapless – A princess-length necklace (17-19 inches) or a choker length necklace (14-16 inches) are suggested to accessorize strapless tops and dresses. But keep in mind, strapless tops should always be paired with a jacket or cardigan for office hours.
  • Halter top/one-shoulder style neckline – Because of the dramatic neckline that these tops offer, a necklace is not needed. Instead, try some dangling earrings and bangles to finish this look.

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