Online ring sizing is one of the reasons many people chose not to shop online for a new ring. Did you ever shop for a new ring online? For yourself or as a gift for someone close? How then, did you find one the right size?

There are many people who still have a difficulty buying goods online. One of the biggest reasons is that when buying something you usually try it on before you buy it. Just as you do in clothing, rings have a definite size. It has to fit perfectly to your finger size and be comfortable, or you won’t be able to wear it for long.

Finding the Perfect Ring Size that Fits

When you shop for a ring online you have to overcome the obstacle of not being able to check if the ring really fits your finger. It can be frustrating. Guessing your ring size is not always the best solution either. For that reason, I’ve made this ring sizes chart. It presents women’s common ring sizes. (This chart presents the U.S. sizing method). With this chart, you can easily find out your ring size using one of the rings you already own.

Online Ring Sizing Made Easy

Of course, you don’t just buy jewelry online for yourself. A ring, whatever it may be for, can also make the perfect gift. Lucky for you, you can also use this chart to buy a ring for someone else (if you’re a guy buying an engagement ring for his beloved, for example). But you may just have to sneak one of her rings unnoticed if that is why you need an online ring sizing guide.

Follow these instructions and discover that your ring shopping online is now easy! Happy shopping!

You will need:

  • One ring (A ring you wear a lot and feels comfortable is preferred for this task).
  • A simple ruler
  • Our ring sizes chart (here below)


Take the ruler and the ring, measure the inner diameter of the ring.

Find the measurement you came up with in the chart. The size written below this measurement is the ring size that fits you.

So, tell me, wasn’t that easy?

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