Today’s modern woman is different. She doesn’t have the same fashion needs as business women from even just twenty years ago. So many of us today work in non-traditional places. We don’t require that power suit or coordinated skirt and jacket. Your casual boot cut jeans and cute little sweater doesn’t need fancy jewelry. In fact, it looks best with well-designed but inexpensive everyday jewelry. You know the kind I mean. This jewelry goes perfect with jeans and loafers for those trips to the coffee shop. But where can you go to find great looking jewelry that is the perfect style for that inexpensive everyday jewelry look but doesn’t look plain, boring or ordinary? The answer is within the maker revolution. You can check out the handmade jewelry bargains online and find the perfect look for your situation without looking cookie-cutter.


The Right Material

Like so much else, finding the perfect inexpensive everyday jewelry that will stay beautiful begins with the right material. The maker revolution of handmade goods is the perfect source for this. Of course, silver jewelry and gold or gold-plated jewelry is a given. But there is so much more than that out there. You will find that combining these metals with other materials can add to the impact and yet keep it affordable. A good example of this is our Iris White Teardrop Earrings that is suspended on a gold element. The shell element adds a contrast of a warm and natural material against the hard bright surface of the metal, giving an interesting look to a very simple design. One of the hallmarks of the maker revolution is this interesting mix of materials with a personal touch. It is business casual at its best.

Finding the Best Weight

Not everyone looks good in every type of necklace. When you are looking at the design of a piece of inexpensive everyday jewelry, it is important to know if you look good with something small and delicate or if you can get away with those wild chunky necklaces that look so great with jeans. Lately, we have seen the return of the wooden chunky choker or shorter necklace – a kind of “back to the woods” look that still has some design sense. A good example of it is an older design of ours, our wooden Gelem necklace. Against a bright colored t-shirt this necklace would look mysterious and natural, all at the same time. Picking the weight of the necklace that works for you and then finding it in an interesting material is one the exciting additions the maker movement has brought to the idea of jewelry as an everyday part of your wardrobe instead of just for special occasions. Being inexpensive doesn’t have to mean uninspired.

Inexpensive Everyday Jewelry

While it is true that you can walk into any store and pick up a piece of cheap plastic jewelry for a few dollars, the truth is it will look cheap when you wear it. That is the difference between cheap costume jewelry and economical everyday jewelry that is handmade and durable. It is the gift of the maker revolution to women everywhere. A well designed piece will last you for years and never really go out of style. This is why you will see simple handmade pearl rings from the last century still being sold at vintage stores. Good design is always in demand. So while we may not want to wear our grandmother’s pearls with our work-at-home outfits, that doesn’t mean we can’t dress in style. The maker revolution, with handmade goods easily available online has made finding that beautifully designed yet inexpensive everyday jewelry piece within our reach and easy to find.

Are you ready to be part of the Maker Revolution? Tell us about your favorite handmade piece you bought online. Visit Inbal Designs catalog to see our latest creations. Handmade is the new look and Inbal is part of that revolution.

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