Jewelry makes an outfit. This is especially true when we are talking about statement jewelry. You know the kind we are talking about. We love the big bold necklaces, the earrings that drip down the lobe and the rings or bracelets that say loudly “I am here!” These types of jewelry are well named when we call them statement jewelry because the statement they make is so bold.

But sometimes statement jewelry can look wrong. This happens when it is worn with the wrong type of clothing or in a way that isn’t complimentary. Because of the boldness of statement jewelry, it is more important than ever that you plan just how you intend to wear it and with what outfit. Here are some hints on how to pull off the dramatic look we all desire when we decide to invest in a piece of statement jewelry.

Statement Necklaces

Always remember that less is more when it comes to statement jewelry, especially necklaces. While the fashion may be to load up on several necklaces right now, avoid this with statement necklaces. You might also want to avoid looking cluttered by keeping the other jewelry to a minimum with a statement necklace like this chunky wood and stone piece. Simple earrings are really the only other jewelry you want with a standout necklace like this.

Statement Earrings

Statement jewelry like these flower hoop earrings can frame a face beautifully. The important thing to remember is to consider your own face shape when choosing length and size. The larger the earrings, the simpler your hair should be, along with how dramatic you make the makeup.

Statement Bracelets

Bold statement bracelets like this black drop bracelet make a real impression when worn correctly. To show it off best, the arm should be free of fussy sleeves. While layering bracelets is the current trend, statement jewelry like this bracelet looks best when they stand alone.

Statement Rings

Beautiful rings like this Marble ring always draw attention to our hands. Making sure you have a great manicure, with well-defined nails is even more important with a statement ring. If you don’t care for nail polish, simply having well-groomed hands will be just fine. If you do wear nail polish, be sure it doesn’t clash with the stone in your ring or the style of the ring. For example, this ring would look lovely on a hand with pink tones nail polish. Done correctly, a statement ring can add elegance to an outfit.

Statement Jewelry Makes the Outfit

As you may have guessed by now, statement jewelry can make or break an outfit. Keep the number of pieces you wear to a minimum and always choose pieces that reflect the fashion statement of the outfit you wear. Floral designs like those in our Jasmine Collection look perfect with summery dresses or vintage. Bold designs with natural materials like those in our Gelem Collection are perfect for the Boho look. Why not look through our collections and see what look will suit your style today?

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