In today’s world of modern fashion gold-plated jewelry is much more common than you may think. The cost of gold jewelry can be quite prohibitive and as a soft metallic gold can be easily damaged. With gold-plating you get all the beauty of gold but at far less the cost and certainly much less likely to be easily scratched or dented.

Gold Plated Bracelets

This beautiful bar chain bracelets are a wonderful example of how a bracelet that is made entirely from gold-plated wire can be a thing of beauty in the hands of a good designer. The simplicity of the style and the quiet curve in the primary shape create a bracelet that looks perfect with everything from a business suit to a pair of jeans to a wedding dress.

Gold Plated Earrings

Shimmering like a summer morning, these gold-plated heart earrings will retain their elegance for years to come. Earrings are the most practical piece to buy as gold-plated because they aren’t worn every day and they sit against the skin the least.

Gold Plated Necklaces

This is a unique example of a gold-plated necklace because of its natural shape. Based on the look of a twig in spring, the shine of this necklace will last for years. Uncomplicated care for it such as wiping down with a simple soft cloth will prevent the oils in your skin from tarnishing the gold finish.

Gold Plated Rings
Stacking rings have become very popular as the rise of the Boho look brings us back to the styles of the 60s. These sterling silver rings are gold-plated to give you the strength of silver along with the shine of gold. The soft jingle of the delicate metal chain will add a quiet musical accompaniment whenever you wear these stacking rings.
Gold-Plated Jewelry

As you can see, creating gold-plated jewelry is just as complex as using other metals. Caring for most gold-plated jewelry is simple, as long as you pay attention to how it is worn. Because the outer layer of gold is softer, care for scratches and a gentle wipe down with a soft cloth to protect from the acidic nature of our skin is all you need. It will retain its luster for decades to come, as only a gold finish like these can deliver.

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